Growing to New Heights


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Growing to New Heights

Growing To New Heights

Growing Exposed is a new series produced by Jeremy Deichen.  Coined “the MTV Cribs for the marijuana industry” the show is led by host Amanda Mackay.  Take a view behind the scenes, into the world of cannabis growing.  Dive into the systems & set ups while quenching your thirst for knowledge.  Growing Exposed has found a unique way to open up the once underground world, revealing the secrets of industry leaders.   In addition to garden tours, David Robinson, author of The Grower’s Handbook lends his expertise in a segment entitled teachings of the Garden Sage.  David’s life goal has been dedicated to dispelling myths behind cannabis, showing the truth behind indoor gardening, while continuing to educate people on how plants grow. 

StonerMag Article 1 Mock up

“Not only did these cannabis plants grow too big, but the buds are way too dense and resinous…”
Said no one…. Ever!

With terminal buds the size of footballs on 10-foot tall trees, these plants require a tall ladder to be tended to.  Rarely will you see plants of this size indoors, but this master grower is utilizing a perfected growing system that allows for complete control.  The thick stocks are impressive, and have to be in order to support the chunky 2L pop bottle size colas.

The only brand this grower trusts is Green Planet Nutrients.  And if you’re a serious grower, you too should consider this line up of premium fertilizers.  Why?  Well there are a few simple facts that you may not be aware of.  First of all, they’re not new to the game; after 20 plus years in the industry their products are grower-approved.  In fact, this brand is responsible for much of the heavy lifting in some of the most impressive facilities worldwide.

Green Planet Nutrients are known for having the purest and cleanest formulas in the industry, constantly challenging themselves to bring you the best value possible.  They won’t use anything artificial.  Staying clear of ingredients like carbonates, widely used as filler.  The products are all designed to promote the kind of healthy aggressive growth you look for in a plant food.

Considered to be “the easiest switch growers have ever made” we invite you to take a closer look at GP3.  This 3-part formula is a base nutrient system designed to out-grow any other main food on the market.  So try it.  Your plants will love you for it.  For skeptics who won’t take my word for it, there is an impressive video to watch.  Go look for yourself as Jason Wilcox guides you through a jungle of buds the size of his head in this next month’s episode of Growing Exposed.



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