Elite Cannabis And Hemp Harvesting Solutions with CenturionPro Solutions


Elite Cannabis And Hemp Harvesting Solutions with CenturionPro Solutions

CenturionPro’s Trimmers And Buckers: Harvesting Solutions For The Garden

From the home of B.C. bud, CenturionPro creates elite harvesting solutions for the world’s best cannabis and hemp producers. With unrivalled performance, the CenturionPro trimmers and buckers empower growers to benefit from emerging markets globally, delivering flower comparable to hand-trimmed product quickly, without sacrificing quality. By accelerating the crucial and labour-intensive harvesting process, CenturionPro’s industry-leading machines streamline operations for enhanced profitability.

Expertise Through Experience

CenturionPro’s illustrious legacy spans four decades, with the original tumbler trimmer debuted in 1999. A game-changer for the industry, the seminal machine was the first to produce a trim similar to that done by hand – a feat previously considered impossible. Building on this prestige, the company has continuously innovated alongside the cannabis community, solving industry challenges as they arise.

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Dual-purpose hybrid tumblers were designed to trim both wet and dry cannabis in the same machine, while non-stick coatings were adopted to ensure 40% greater trichome preservation. Every standard trimmer is supplied with an extra set of tumblers to reduce downtime and ensure continued performance. CenturionPro strives to be a leader of innovation in the cannabis industry. Their latest industrial-scale harvester, for instance, is able to process a staggering 3000 lbs of wet cannabis (600 lbs dry) per hour.

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Superior Harvesting Solutions

With a commitment to creating superior trimmers and buckers, CenturionPro’s machines are built to the highest specifications at the company’s headquarters in British Columbia. Harnessing the best brand name components sourced from across North America, such as Baldor motors, Toro cutting reels and Timken bearings, CenturionPro’s cannabis trimmers and buckers deliver exceptional power and precision.

Built for industrial operations and to exceed industry standards, CenturionPro’s machines are composed entirely of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Rigorously tested for robustness in real-life conditions, CenturionPro is so confident in the construction of its machines that the company offers ten-year warranties on its trimmers, in addition to five-year warranties on its buckers.

Tried, Tested and Trusted

As a result of CenturionPro’s legacy, expertise and build quality, the company’s machines are consistently cited as the market’s finest trimmers and buckers. TrimLeaf.com and RightBud.com, for example, listed CenturionPro’s trimmers as the best solutions for small, medium and large operations in their 2020 buyers’ guides. In addition, TrimLeaf.com selected CenturionPro’s products as both the winner and runner up in its commercial-scale category.

From the best bud trimmers for small and medium-scale cultivators to the most economical solutions for commercial operations, CenturionPro provides industry-leading trimming and bucking machines for all grow sizes. With a history of ground-breaking innovation, underpinned by unparalleled support and extensive warranties, the company looks to the future of the cannabis industry with revolutionary harvesting solutions.

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Need help finding the right harvesting solution for your garden? The Centurion product selector can identify your ideal machine; simply select the size of your indoor, outdoor or greenhouse grow to get started! For all other inquires about the reliable harvesting hardware from the innovators at CenturionPro, contact your GreenPlanet Wholesale representative for sales or product information.

This blog was written and provided in partnership with CenturionPro Solutions.

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