Northwest Grown Tour


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Northwest Grown Tour

Growing Exposed is coined “The MTV Cribs of the cannabis industry”. This series provides an insiders look into the world of cannabis cultivation. Check out the entire first season at
by Jeremy Deichen

NorthwestGrownPropertyi502 1If you’ve ever had the pleasure of taking wine tours in Napa Valley you’d know that each winery is distinguished by its unique charm. By contrast, indoor cultivation facilities rarely have that welcoming feel. So, as I journeyed out of the concrete jungle into the country, I was pleasantly surprised. There I crossed over a stream revealing several quintessential red barns built on the backdrop of a picturesque 120-acre hobby farm.

P1088049 editHere I was introduced to the director of cultivation Kyle Stamback, who was quick to point out that he was a loyal user of Green Planet Nutrients and he used it to grow some of the most desirable cannabis in Washington State. The facility is called “Northwest Grown.”
Prior to legalization in the Pacific Northwest this property already had some growing history.

Kyle explained to me that long before he arrived, traditional farming had been going on here for over 100 years, spanning 5 generations.

P1066812 EDITOnce permitted and licensed in 2015 by the state, “Northwest Grown” was able to convert the wood barns to provide perfect conditions to grow some of the finest cannabis on the market today. Beginning with sourcing out the highest quality genetics from all over the world they brought in some real award winners like a high yielding, terp producing, THC monster called Ewok. Bred by Alien Genetics, Ewok continues to be a staple in this garden with an average THC content hitting 26%.

In the flower room I reached into the canopy to smell tropical strains like “Mango”. It was both sweet and strong and my fingers were glued together after I touched it. This indica was passed on through generations of farming. It’s a cross of an Heirloom Afghan and Cali OG. It has a an extremely high terpene profile that is dominated by myrcene. Another winning combo worth mentioning was a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG called “Do-Si-Dos.” Indica OG dominate this is another one consistently hitting THC levels of 26%.

kylestamback northwestgrownKyle is very aware the market continues to be driven by THC content, but in addition he is quick to point out that although he his hitting good numbers in THC he really focuses on the terpenes. After showing me pages of data revealing 3%-7% range. He says “I have several strains that test out around 6% every time,” the certified lab tells Kyle these are some of the highest values compared to the rest of the industry which are closer to the 2% range.

In today’s flooded market you need every advantage you can get. Looking at the trichome covered leaves I’m dumbfounded, I’ve never seen such sugar coated leafs. The product “Northwest Grown” is harvesting -in my opinion- is the future of cannabis.

P1066969.JPGI’ll take it a step farther and say that this is the best product I have ever seen, and I have the pictures to prove it.

Kyle gave me an extensive tour of the 15,000 sq foot building, including future expansion areas and adds, “I completely nurture the plant indoors in a completely controlled environment where humidity, temperature, air movement, lighting and nutrients are constantly monitored and micro-adjusted to provide an exceptionally consistent and high quality product.

DopeMagSpreadThe “secret sauce” is Massive Bloom Formulation from GreenPlanet. Originally Kyle was searching for a source of triacontanol when he found Massive. This product is a naturally derived growth stimulant that is packed with many goodies for your plant. After having success with this product, Kyle then switched his based food to include Dual Fuel in the lineup. Duel Fuel is another Green Planet product quickly becoming the go-to for many cultivators due to that fact that it is commercially viable, complete and easy to use.

With grower approved products for the past 20 years Green Planet Nutrients are known to be of the highest quality sourced ingredients, super clean and continue to be the best value on the market today. Visit them at



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