Understanding the Parts of GreenPlanet Nutrients Base Fertilizer Programs


Understanding the Parts of GreenPlanet Nutrients Base Fertilizer Programs

Whether you garden in soil or hydroponics, choosing a plant food that fits your preferred method of growing can be as important as other factors that promote the maximum yield of a garden. For all of us looking for simpler and more effective tools in the garden, GreenPlanet Nutrients has introduced multiple base nutrient programs to fit any system and all levels of growing experience. From the organically derived Medi One to the classic and clean GP3, GreenPlanet Nutrients has all the bases covered when it comes to hassle-free gardening. 

What is The Part System? 

The “parts” of a GreenPlanet Nutrient system can be described as a set of nutrient enrichment programs that utilize different steps, quantities and qualities in the growing process. The different parts of a nutrient program can typically be broken down into the number of bottles growers would use in a base nutrient system. GreenPlanet Nutrients, for instance, has four available base nutrient programs, each system consisting of varying qualities and mixing procedures.

In simple terms, a part references the number of bottles that a particular base nutrient uses within a feed program. E.g 3 Part GP3 = 3 Base Nutrient Bottles

All of the parts of a base nutrient program are made up of similar elements, the only difference between them is the method of mixing and ratios during irrigation. For example, GreenPlanet Nutrient one part base nutrient program, Medi One, relies only on a single bottle to supply your garden with an array of macro and micronutrients throughout the vegetative and flowering cycles. While a more advanced formula, like GP3, uses three bottles to supply plants with the necessary essentials to promote health and steady growth.

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Choosing the Right Feeding Program

Although GreenPlanet gives growers a variety of choices when it comes to fertilizer, each nutrient system provides consistent and reliable results at harvest time. So, there is no clear answer for gardeners when it comes to questions about the base nutrient program that will provide the best results. However, knowing that GreenPlanet Nutrients compiles all their nutrient programs with a complete and cohesive list of available elements, should provide consumers with peace of mind during the moments leading up to choosing a fertilizer for the garden. In short, there is no definite answer when it comes to choosing a fertilizer for the garden, as a more complicated feeding program will not necessarily provide a heavier or more quality-driven harvest. 


If there is anything at all to consider when choosing plant food, it’s your own preference as a gardener. For example, if you prefer a more laid back, easy-going approach, choose the system with the least amount of base nutrient bottles. If you happen to be interested in the scientific aspects of gardening, a more complicated feeding program with multiple bottles may be the right fit for you. Whatever kind of gardener you may be, and no matter your experience level, GreenPlanet Nutrients has the perfect feeding program to suit your needs. 

GreenPlanet Nutrients Feeding Programs

Here are the part feed programs available to you:

Additional Feed Program:

With every feed program, we also offer a starter kit variation that comprises of 500ml bottles within that particular Feed Program.

One Part Nutrient System: Medi One

Medi One is GreenPlanet Nutrients certified organic one part that can be used as a foundation for plant growth and general health throughout the entirety of a plant’s life cycle. Formulated from multiple organic sources, including hydrolyzed, slow-steamed Atlantic Menhaden, sea kelp, and naturally sourced potassium sulphate, Medi One boasts an impressively balanced NPK ratio of 4-3-3 and is quite possibly the easiest to use liquid organic nutrient on the market.

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