Moon Rocks


Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks are one of the most potent bud concoctions you’ll ever try. A dense and trichome-rich flower nug gets doused in cannabis oil and powdered with kief to create an ultra-potent bud that requires special considerations. Moon Rocks are the ideal products for high-tolerance consumers looking for a stronger high.

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What Are Moon Rocks?

Moon Rocks were first created by rapper and entrepreneur Kurupt with his business and music partner Dr. Zodiak. The basic structure of Moon Rocks has a base of buds, then wax and kief. This layered creation can contain up to 50 percent THC or CBD and come in an array of varieties with different strains, concentrates, and kief.

How To Make Moon Rocks

While the original Moon Rocks can only be purchased in California dispensaries, many dispensaries in legal states make their own Moon Rocks. Any cannabis user can make their own Moon Rocks using a dense cannabis nug, wax, and kief. Making Moon Rocks at home allows you to control every layer and infuse your strain and flavor preferences.

Moon Rocks can easily be made by choosing a flower bud dense enough to keep its form even after adding the wax and kief layers. Some concentrate types may need to be heated to make them more pliable. Depending on the concentrate, you can use various application methods to cover the buds with cannabis oil.

After the buds have been covered with the cannabis extract, you can use tongs to dip the buds into kief or use a dabber to sprinkle kief over the buds. Once completely covered with kief, the Moon Rocks should be left to dry in a cool and dark place. Moon Rocks should feel hard when they’ve dried enough.

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How To Use Moon Rocks

Moon Rocks can’t be consumed the same way you would traditional cannabis nugs. For example, grinding Moon Rocks with a grinder can ruin the consistency, texture, and layering you worked so hard to create. Grinding your Moon Rocks can also make the teeth of your grinder stick together and make it difficult to clean.

Instead, Moon Rocks should be broken apart by hand and smoked in a pipe or bong bowl. Breaking Moon Rocks apart into pebble-sized pieces can retain the buds’ layers and potency. Moon Rock bits can also be added into joints or blunts, albeit, it can be tricky to ensure proper airflow without breaking down Moon Rocks too finely.

Moon Rocks can satisfy experienced users’ increasing tolerance. First-time users can consume Moon Rocks, although, they may need to start with a small dose and build up gradually. Moon Rock quality depends on the type of materials used, which are often hidden under a coating of kief. Making your own Moon Rocks lets you choose what goes into your body.

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