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Potassium Deficiency

Potassium, (k+) a cation, is a major nutrient contributing to various metabolic process as well as growth and morphology.  Potassium’s also finds itself as a critical component in both defense and responses to abiotic and biotic stress or pest.  The nature of Potassium’s role in aid of plant stress and growth is centered around its […]

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Wind Burn

Most of the time issues with air flow tend to be from lack of air flow or stagnate air flow. More often then not air flow is an important part of an indoor or outdoor cannabis grow, exchanging air in a space is an important part of a healthy environment. But there is a point

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Zinc Deficiency

Are your younger leaves of your plant starting to fade, yellowing between the vein, or in the margins, tips of leaves discoloring and dying? Then you might be starting to suffer from a Zinc deficiency. The discoloring chlorosis pattern left by a zinc deficiency will be accompanied by less internode spacing and small, often cupped

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