Kandy Kush


Kandy Kush

This California Classic is a sweet way to relax! A 50/50 hybrid that most often presents as Indica-dominant, its THC concentration ranges from 15% to 21%.  A version of Kandy Kush grown by Rocky Mountain Remedies, Northwestern Colorado’s first legal dispensary, won the very first Western Slope Cannabis Crown in Aspen, Colorado. Known as a potent stress-reliever and appetite-booster, Kandy Kush has become one of North America’s best-loved strains. 

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Kandy Kush hails from DNA Genetics’ Reserva Privada line.  It combines the popular Indica OG Kush and the potent Sativa Trainwreck.


Like the candy it’s named for, the sweet, fruity aroma of this hybrid lets you know you’re in for a treat the moment you open a jar.  Earthy with a strong lemon-Kush scent, this strain’s aroma is the prelude to the euphoric dopamine boost that characterizes a typical session.

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Vibrant oranges, greens, browns, and purples combine to give this sweet, sticky bud an appetizing rock-candy-like appearance. Its taste has been described as sweet, earthy, and pungent with an enticing lemony smell and strong lemon/citrus flavor notes. 


Kandy Kush is extremely potent and a little can go a long way. You’re sure to savor its strong dopamine rush and uplifting calm that can become euphoric as this strain gently reduces tension and anxiety. Because this strain induces serious “munchies” it’s a fave of those seeking to boost appetite when combatting illness. Kandy Kush’s calming effects also make this a go-to choice for battling chronic anxiety and the stresses of the day.

While always a nice option for a night at home curled up with a good movie and some good friends, users should know that the strain’s sedative-like effects follow on the heels of its initial uplifting bliss. If not taken in moderation it can induce “couch lock” in some users, and can also cause “dry mouth” – so stay hydrated while using and keep eye drops handy if you’re prone to dry eye. A highly effective chronic pain reliever, Kandy Kush is often recommended for insomnia, migraines, mood disorders and even complications due to sleep apnea.  

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