Island Pink Head


Island Pink Head

Set your clocks to island time when enjoying this indica-dominant strain. Island Pink Head, also known as Island Pink Screwhead, is a relaxing strain that gently lifts you onto a soft and plush Cloud 9. Island Pink Head’s potency ranges between 19 to 25% THC and 0 to 2% CBD. Experience the sky-high potency and exotic fruit and gassy aroma of Island Pink Head.

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Dunn Cannabis, based out of Abbotsford, British Columbia, is the brains behind this pungent and potent strain. All of their cannabis strains are grown in soil and use high sodium bulbs during the flowering. Hand watering and trimming, plus the slow drying of each product in a flash of cold air at 50% humidity provide a handcrafted feel to each strain.

Island Pink Head: Island Pink (Pink Kush x Island Sweet Skunk) x Screwhead (Chemdawg 91 x SFV OG Kush)

The marriage of these Pink Kush and Island Sweet Skunk provides Island Pink Head with a skunky sweet aroma and uplifting high. Screwhead’s genetics produce an earthy and piney aroma with a hint of gas and a heavy dose of cerebral stimulation and relaxing effects.


One whiff of Island Pink Head transports you to a tropical paradise where weed grows as far as the eye can see. Sweet, fruity, citrus, and gassy, Island Pink Head provides an invigorating aroma that can instantly perk you up. This strain averages about 2% terpenes, more than enough to provide a blast of aroma and flavor. The strain’s most common terpenes include caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, and other minor terpenes. 

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Island Pink Head is a perfect 10. Its dense buds and heavy sugar profile create a sparkling and bold look that immediately catches the eye. Bright green buds are nearly completely covered in  radiant specks of white and amber-colored trichomes with a few pops of reddish-orange pistils throughout. Its large and striking fan leaves take on a dark purple color that gives each plant a menacing look. This strain means business.


After a few puffs of Island Pink Head, you’ll immediately experience a surge of good feelings as  the relaxing effects trickle down throughout your body. Island Pink Head provides a long-lasting and heavy cerebral high with a balance of calm and joy. No extreme paranoia or couchlock here. It’s all about providing effects that can keep you productive or relaxed, depending on your intended use.

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