Who Should Use Dual Fuel in the Garden?


Who Should Use Dual Fuel in the Garden?

Growers Who Should Be Using Dual Fuel in the Garden

Committing to a brand of plant food is perhaps one of the most important decisions to be made in the garden. Choosing a specific fertilizer, whether it be organic, mineral-based, soluble, or slow-release, will determine several different and varying outcomes throughout the growing periods of a plant’s lifecycle, and at harvest time. For example, if you choose to garden organically, this choice will affect the options of growing media and styles of cultivation compatible with organic fertilizers. The same reasoning applies to those who side with synthetic fertilizers, as some mineral-based fertilizers are labeled as “hydro-specific”, and are more or less recommended for use in coco, rockwool, or water-based mediums. 

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However, among variants of mineral-based fertilizers available in today’s market, there is one that stands out to consumers as possibly the most concentrated, versatile, and affordable base nutrient system – GreenPlanet Nutrients Dual Fuel. Whether you’re new to the trade or have been growing for decades, Dual Fuel can offer growers everywhere the simplicity and quality-driven results so desperately needed in the garden. Interested? The following is a list of growers who should be using GreenPlanet’s Dual Fuel in the garden.

The Novice

Don’t be ashamed – if you’re a novice grower, dealing with liquid fertilizers for the first time is a challenge, especially when the stack of nutrients involves complicated ratios and constant pH balancing. As a beginner, all you need for a successful garden is two bottles: Dual Fuel 1 & 2. Plain and simple, it’s easy to use. Dual Fuel was designed to balance perfectly in water at a range of around 6.0 – 6.2; so, although checking the pH of your nutrient solution is a good habit, it is in no way required to ensure the efficacy of your daily feeding schedule. With this attribute, the Dual Fuel program can help save you time in your daily gardening routine, as well as the misfortune of feeding your plants at an undesirable pH range.

Even more attractive to beginners is the unmatched utility of the Dual Fuel program. In a sense, it’s foolproof. As mentioned above, the Dual Fuel program was formulated to be used in a 1:1 ratio with each part, which means no matter the volume nutrient to be mixed, the ratio of Dual Fuel 1 to 2 will remain constant. This again saves the gardener time and headache, as feeding schedules are no longer required if you’re only using Dual Fuel 1 & 2

Here’s a tip: if you’re at all worried you’ve been using Dual Fuel incorrectly, check to see if both bottles have the same amount of fertilizer left. If both bottles have equal amounts, you’re using the product correctly. In the case you’re over or under a few drops, don’t worry, this will not harm your plants. That’s the thing about Dual Fuel, don’t overthink – just grow!

The Expert

If you’ve been gardening for years, it’s safe to say you’ve tried your fair share of liquid nutrient programs. Well, it’s time to stop searching for the perfect nutrient stack and settle on Dual Fuel. Just as Dual Fuel has its advantages for beginners, these attributes are multiplied when its aggressive formula is given to experts in the field. While beginners may be more zealous about trying different varieties of plant food, after years of cultivation, experts only look for a few things while purchasing fertilizers: complete ingredients, affordability, and results. 

Guarunteed Analysis Dual Fuel 1
Guarunteed Analysis Dual Fuel 2

Lucky for experts growing with GreenPlanet, the Dual Fuel nutrient system fits this bill. Possibly the most complete 2-Part on the market, Dual Fuel 1 & 2 are packed full of essential elements for plant health. For instance, a brief consultation with the guaranteed analysis of ingredients will reveal the long list of compounds that go into each bottle. Not only does the Dual Fuel formulation have a balanced NPK ratio for vegetative and flowering growth, but the list of essential micronutrients in the bottles are vast, and include important elements like calcium, magnesium, sulphur, copper, zinc and more. 

The Commercial Grower

If you operate a large garden, you’re not doing it alone; it’s no secret that you need many hands to produce a quality driven product. However, the overseer of a garden is responsible for many things, one of which is instructing the staff on the processes behind mixing and balancing liquid nutrients and water. This can often be a taxing process, filled with trial and error, multiple learning curves, upsetting crops and poor delivery of high-quality products. However, with the Dual Fuel program in the mix, these worries are thrown to the wayside, as the pH stability and seamless mixing patterns of this product evidently attempt to flatten the learning curve of any potential master grower. In turn, these attributes will arguably speed up production time, and lead to a cleaner, happier garden.

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The Minimalist 

Dual Fuel 1 & 2 are hyper-concentrated, with the average application (depending on plant age, size and stage) coming in at 1.0 – 2.0 ml per litre. With its marginally low upfront cost, this program is a dream for the minimalist operator who is looking for an economical nutrient system that can produce consistent results.

Unlike indoor gardening hardware, like lighting equipment, ventilation gear and other environmental controls, fertilizer is something that is always being purchased. In response to this inevitability, GreenPlanet Nutrients formulated Dual Fuel, a program that attempts to shorten the periods between costly trips to the garden supply store. Dual Fuel’s hyper-concentration and easy mixing habits lead to less waste and more value per litre than any competitor on the market. In short, for all of us who value a minimalist perspective in the garden, there is no base nutrient simpler than Dual Fuel. Just add Dual Fuel in a 1:1 ratio at the recommended rate, and watch your plant explode with both vertical and lateral growth. 



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