Yellow Leaves - Lower, older leaves

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Root Problems

Root problems can be a grower’s nightmare they can look like many other issues but often only have a few sources. Things that will tripper a root problem can be as simple as heat, cold, overwatering, wrong container, drainage or in hydroponics they can just lack oxygenation.  Some strains can be finicky and have natural […]

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Root Rot

The origins of root rot in your hydroponic system lie in both an imbalance of organism/pathogens and lack of system oxygenation and/or uncleanliness. Because hydroponic systems are normally active w/irrigation and reservoirs feeding tables or buckets or simply drip systems. Anywhere there is water and roots invites the ability to develop root rot. Here we

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Kill Spider Mites

Spider Mites Spider mites are a species of insects that every cannabis grower is familiar with. These small insects, which are relatives of spiders can be managed and prevented.  Prevention The first step any grower takes to keep a pest-free environment is preventative measures. There are a number if very simple steps any grower can do

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Sulfur Deficiency

Sulfurs Role in Plant Health and Vigor Sulfurs importance as a micronutrient can not be overstated. Sulfurs role aids in abiotic, biotitic resistances as well as secondary metabolism. Some of sulfurs functions in plant health are creating proteins, enzymes, vitamins and is a necessary part in creating chlorophyll. Which is vital for photosynthesis.  Sulfur is

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