Lift & Co Cannabis Expo


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Lift & Co Cannabis Expo

This weekend at the Lift & Co Cannabis Expo in Vancouver Canada, Sugarleaf is proud to announce a bold and exciting new virtual reality tour of our state of the art facility for potential new investors who want to see first hand what we do, and how we do it, without the grief of having to cross the border where the cannabis business is still in its legal infancy.
Sugarleaf and its parent company Chemistree are pioneers in the cannabis trade, and owe their success to their commitment to innovation and spearheading bold new cultivation techniques that have rapidly made them the new industry standard.
There is a myth within the industry that all a business needs to do is simply grow their product and bring it to market. Naturally, like most over simplified things, this couldn’t be more untrue. Roughly half of licenced growers see little if any return on their investment because our industry demands rapid innovation and investment in order to reach its full potential.
In our industry, innovative grow technologies and high quality nutrients like those created by our partners and Lift & Co sponsors Green Planet Nutrients provide are only half of the story. We also have to run a business that yields the highest possible returns for investors, and for a company to attract serious investors who truly understand the potential of the growing cannabis industry, we have to create exciting, new and innovative ways to explain to potential investors exactly what we do, why we do it, and how it works.
Many investors aren’t exactly keen on the idea of visiting a cross border facility, and we get it. Additionally, you can read truckloads of information and watch hours of YouTube videos and really only get a small sense of who one of our facilities really works.
Our team partnered with the great people at Growing Exposed, and this weekend we are rolling out are exciting new full virtual reality tour of our Sugarleaf facility. You will be able to completely pull back the curtain and experience brand new VR tour of Sugarleaf and see first hand exactly how we are setting new industry standards.
The amazing people at Growing Exposed teamed up with us as sponsors of this exhibit so that we can offer you a 360 degree VR tour of our grow room, where you can see with your own eyes the effect of their nutrients on our product, and the drastic positive effect they have. The entire tour was filmed on a Method Seven Go Max 360 Camera and captures every essence of our grow room in ways on VR can provide.
This latest innovation was developed so that we can offer our potential investors the opportunity to step inside our facility for themselves, without a sales pitch, and see for themselves the full potential of their investment, but also so we can demonstrate our commitment to innovation at every level of our business from vendors to cultivation to marketing and every link in the chain.
When cannabis became legal for recreational use, many people believed it was going to be like The Wild West. In some respects they were right, except it turned out that it is more like Silicon Valley California, than a broken down old desert mine and for that reason, our team will always seek the latest technology so that we can offer our customers the very best product possible, and our investors a brand new opportunity that will only mature and grow as we continue to learn and push technology forward.
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