Month: November 2019


Huckleberry Soda #4

Pungent, fruity and unabashedly purple, this 80/20 hybrid is characterized by a strong Indica kick (80% Indica) and wonderful, tart-sweet berry flavor. THC concentration varies and while it’s been measured at between 6% to 26, it typically hovers around 17-18%. Known for a bodacious body high, Huckleberry Soda #4 offers multifaceted enjoyment options whether out …

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JuliusCeasar FeaturePhoto

Julius Caeser

Unlike the ruthless Roman general, the Julius Caeser strain delivers well-balanced effects that won’t leave you high and dry. This Indica-dominant hybrid strain contains 20 percent THC on average. Its THC levels can range between 18 to 24 percent. Its quick-acting effects provide users with a considerable mood boost that can wear off quickly. Lineage …

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