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Grapefruit is considered to be a Cannabis Classic. This Sativa-dominant hybrid is a favorite for day use. It delivers sweet, fruity flavor and a cerebral high that’s been described as exhiliarating, while also soothing tension. And a little goes a long way – this strain is known for strong effects, making it one  best used in moderation. There are many different Grapefruit Hybrids; generally their THC content hovers around 15%-20%.  The CBD content is minimal in this strain.


Grapefruit is a cross between Cinderella 99 and an unknown Sativa (likely of Thai origin) chosen for its intense grapefruit flavor. Grapefruit can be grown indoors, outdoors and is a good choice for the greenhouse. It’s not ideal for growing outdoors in northern climes, requiring 50% humidity. Grapefruit generally flowers in 60 to 70 days and yields a moderate harvest (early October) on short, bushy plants. 


Grapefruit’s aroma truly lives up to its name, sweet-yet-sour with strong citrus notes. Vivid flavors are the hallmark of this people-pleaser. Smoke is very citrusy with an earthy finish and has helped earn this strain its reputation as a classic.


Grapefruit tends to have cone-shaped buds that are light green in color with peach pistils and occasional hints of purple.


Because it tends to be energizing, Grapefruit is considered a daytime medication. Often used for relieving stress and anxiety while still promoting high functioning through chores and tasks, consumers may also find Grapefruit helps alleviate minor aches and pains. For severe, chronic pain Grapefruit – and many Sativas – would not be the first choice. For those needs, Indica-heavy strains are usually prescribed. Like many strains, Grapefruit may cause dry mouth and eyes. Hydrating during use is recommended.

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