Blue Cheese


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Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese strains feature a distinct and powerful fragrance full of fruity and savory notes that’ll remind you of your favorite fromage. This Indica hybrid strain has a moderate-to-high THC level ranging from 20 to 25 percent. Blue Cheese users report a balanced high and complex aroma.


Blue Cheese is a cross between a Blueberry male and a U.K. Cheese female, hence, the name, Blue Cheese. Blue Cheese’s name is a mash-up of its genetic lineage rather than a representation of its taste. Many seed banks including Netherlands-based Barney’s Farms and Royal Queen Seeds sell varieties of Blue Cheese strains.


Breaking apart Blue Cheese’s dense nugs reveals a funky aroma with a sweet finish. Like other Cheese strains, Blue Cheese has a strong skunky note that reminds users of earthy compost, rotting vegetables, or a piece of gorgonzola. While not quite as cheesy, Blue Cheese has a musky blueberry aroma topped off with a hash-like smell.


Blue Cheese has dense, medium-sized, and tight popcorn buds that look like tiny breaded cheese morsels. You may notice hints of light blue or purple and bright green buds within the wide amount of curly orange-brown pistils. Blue Cheese’s resinous trichomes glisten and release a powerful aroma every time you break apart its round buds.


Despite its indica-dominant genetics, Blue Cheese is used as a daytime Indica strain. Some strains can cause drowsiness and fatigue. In small doses, Blue Cheese offers users a pungent aroma with moderate stress relief without the sleepiness. Heavier doses are used to induce sleep or extreme relaxation. Use Blue Cheese to complement a meal or as a nightcap.
Blue Cheese has gained wide appeal across many cannabis-friendly states. Cannabis consumers love Blue Cheese’s sharp and berry-like aroma and its modest high in small doses. Enjoy its musky odor and mellowing effects after a long workout or before a Netflix binge. Blue Cheese is a resinous and hard-hitting strain for all user types.

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