I Challenge You To A Dual


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I Challenge You To A Dual

by: Jeremy Deichen

Growing Exposed is a new video series produced by Jeremy Deichen.  Coined “the MTV Cribs of the marijuana industry” the show is led by host Amanda Mackay.  Growing Exposed has found a unique way to open up the once underground world, revealing the secrets of industry leaders.   In addition to garden tours, David Robinson, author of The Grower’s Handbook lends his expertise in a segment entitled Teachings of The Garden Sage.  David has dedicated his life to dispelling the myths behind cannabis while educating people on how plants grow. 
When you hear the words “I challenge you to a duel” you generally think of two people preparing for a battle.  But in this case it’s referring to a challenge for growers to try a revolutionary new base plant food manufactured by Green Planet Nutrients called Dual Fuel.  The name is both fitting and clever considering it’s providing all the energy the plants need packaged in a 2-part formula.  If you are wondering exactly what the challenge is… well it’s a classic one.  Try Dual fuel against any other brand for one crop, and then tell us which one you feel should be the winner.  Here is one grower’s experience from his Dual Fuel challenge. 

Chris is a master grower based out of the snow-capped mountains of the Kooteney Region.  Famous for growing high quality buds, this area is considered the mecca of growing in British Columbia, Canada.  With multiple facilities under Chris’s brand, Hillside Pharms, he was skeptical about switching out fertilizers from his current feeding regimen.  Already pretty happy with his final product he didn’t think it would make that big of a difference. 
Starting with his genetics he had already gone through the time consuming process of correctly selecting a phenotype from seed.  He felt he had a winner with this indica-dominant strain called Wappa.  Wappa is known for being heavy and sedative.  Good for relaxation, medical patients have found this effective for insomnia and pain relief.  

Chris was also happy with his reliable drain to waste system.  Starting in rockwool Chris gives the plants 2 weeks in the vegetative growing phase.   Then he transplants them into 8-inch rockwool cubes as he flips them into flower.  But… when he did it this time while using Dual Fuel…  Chris could not help but notice the initiation of flowering sites were appearing faster.  He went on to explain that his crop actually finished a week early! 
He was also surprised at how simple it was to use.  Chris has multiple cultivation sites and workers need a dummy-proof feeding schedule.  Chris was clear when he said “Hillside Pharms has never used something so simple from start to finish.”  The formula is so complete, it eliminates the use of calcium or magnesium additives.  This is BIG!

Chris also couldn’t believe how economical this was to use in the garden.  Turns out this was intended and designed by Green Planet to be viable for large commercial applications.  So when we asked Justin Cooper from Green Planet Nutrients about who is currently using this product he said, “Some of the largest federally licensed producers in Canada are running dual fuel and it is single handedly changing their gardens.  We are talking about large projects with investors operating in the stock market with share holders that can not afford to run a sub par product.” 

I was blown away by the vibrant yellows and purples that were predominate on the final product.  Chris explained that he drops the temperatures in the rooms to 60 degrees in the last week.  He also pointed out that you should flush your plants a few more days than normal when using this super charged formula. 
Here is a list that makes Dual Fuel the winner of this Duel. 

Best Value On The Market – Commercially Viable
Easy Application – Less Room For Error
Complete Formula – No Need For Calcium Or Magnesium Additives
Highly Concentrated – Plants Finish Faster
PH Stable – Well Buffered
Higher Yielding – Heavy Resin Production



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